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Vol 20, No 2, November 2014

Media creativity and 'Failed states'  [In production]

Vol 21, No 1, May 2015



Edition editors: Professor David Robie, Professor Barry King (AUT) and Dr Philip Cass (Unitec)
Associate editors: Dr Allison Oosterman (AUT) and Dr Philip Cass (Unitec)
Frontline editor: Professor Wendy Bacon (ACIJ)
Acting Reviews editor: Dr Philip Cass (Unitec)

Call for articles and commentaries:

20th Anniversary of PJR Conference - November 27/29 at AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand

Political journalism
in the Asia-Pacific

Pacific Journalism Review will celebrate 20 years of publication in November. A special anniversary conference is being planned for November 27/29 at AUT University. A special anniversary edition will then be published as a book in May 2015. The editors will draw on the best papers presented at the conference for the next edition of PJR.

A feature of the conference papers will be political journalism related to asylum seekers and the “Pacific solution”; the “return of democracy” elections in Fiji in September; and the changing political and mediascape in the Pacific and important elections in Indonesia (implications for West Papua), New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu.  Papers related to the history of newspapers and publications in the Pacific region will also be welcome. Full call for papers and additional paper themes are on the PJR website:

Among keynote speakers:

Max Stahl ... celebrated fillmaker from East Timor.•     Filmmaker and political journalist Max Stahl who broke the news of the 1991 Santa Cruz massacre in Dili and who has documented the birth and evolution of his adopted nation Timor-Leste.

•    Documentary maker and investigator Jim Marbrook, who has been filming the New Caledonian nickel mine and environmental disaster of Cap Bocage. His new film supported by the PMC will be screened at the conference.

•    Dr Lee Duffield is documenting the research history of PJR and Sasya Wreksono will screen her short film on the 20-year ‘life’ of PJR.


Editor: Professor David Robie

Frontline editor: Professor Wendy Bacon

Associate editors: Dr Allison Oosterman, Dr Philip Cass

Abstract and panel proposals to: Dr Philip Cass or

Conference website


Papers are invited to address themes such as, but not limited to:

•    Media laws and political journalism in Fiji
•    Eight years in Fiji without democracy
•    Climate change and political journalism
•    Asylum seekers and the ‘Pacific solution’
•    Decolonisation and the referendum vote in New Caledonia
•    Political media and the elections in the Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu
•    The ballot box in Indonesia - how has media freedom fared?
•    Censorship and free expression in the media
•    Media freedom in Timor-Leste
•    The history of newspapers and publications in the Pacific
•    Power, celebrity and corruption in the Pacific media
•    Reflections on the history of PJR

Articles on unthemed topics related to media and journalism theory and practice may also be considered for the edition.

The double blind peer-reviewed journal has five main sections: Research articles, Commentaries, Frontline, Forum and Reviews.

The APA-based style guide is at:
Managing editor: Professor David Robie

Articles - up to 6000 words
Commentaries - 1500 to 3000 words
Frontline (Journalism as research) – up to 6000 wds
Reviews - up to 1500 words (Noted short reviews: 300 words)
Forum (contributions to debate) - up to 800 words.

Next edition submission deadline:

January 20, 2014

Forthcoming issues of PJR:

20(2) November 2014: Media creativity and 'failed states' (inquiries to Professor David Robie and Dr Mohit Prasad, themed around the "Oceans and Nations: 'Failed' states and the environment in the Pacific" symposium at the University of the South Pacific, 10-11 July 2013), deadline June 20, 2014. 

21(1) May 2015: Political journalism in the Asia-Pacific (editors: Professor David Robie, Professor Barry King and Dr Philip Cass). Conference abstracts deadline: August 31, 2014; Final papers deadline: January 20, 2015.