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Vol 21, No 1, May 2015 [In production]



20th Anniversary of PJR Conference - November 27/29 at AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand.
Conference proceedings.  Pacific Journalism Monograph No. 4.

Political journalism
in the Asia-Pacific

Pacific Journalism Review celebrate 20 years of publication in November. A special anniversary conference was held in November 27/29 at AUT University. A special anniversary edition will then be published as a book in May 2015. The editors have drawn on the best papers presented at the conference for this next edition of PJR.

Vol. 21, No 2, October 2015
Call for articles and commentaries:

Documentary practices and the Asia-Pacific

Edition editors: Themed: Professor Annie Goldson (Auckland University) and Professor Barry King (Auckland University of Technology); Unthemed: Professor David Robie (AUT-Pacific Media Centre)
Frontline editor: Professor Wendy Bacon (ACIJ)
Reviews editor: Dr Philip Cass (Unitec)

Articles are sought for a special themed issue on documentary practice within the Asia-Pacific region.

•    Documentary practice as a political intervention: questions of ethics, objectivity and commitment

•    Eco-documentary

•    Television documentary today

•    The emergence of documentary on the big screen

•    Indigenous documentary forms and practices

•    The documentary auteur

•    Documentary and the representation of marginalised cultures

•    Documentary and the preservation of popular memory

•    ‘Post-documentary’ practices - reality television, docudrama and docu-fiction

•    Documentary as ethnography on both sides of the camera

•    Social media and transmedia: new documentary forms and practices

•    Funding regimes and the fate of national documentary traditions

•    Celebrity documentaries: sport, actors, musicians, politicians

•    Documentary and mainstream media news practices

•    Canonical documentaries and contemporary practices

The above list is meant to be comprehensive but papers that explore other aspects of documentary practices not mentioned above will also be considered. The journal also has an unthemed section but this is already closed with papers under review from the PJR2014 conference.

The double blind peer-reviewed journal has five main sections: Research articles, Commentaries, Frontline, Forum and Reviews.
The APA-based style guide is at:
Themed submissions:  
Or contact:
Managing editor: Professor David Robie

Articles: up to 6000 words
Commentaries: up to 1500 to 3000 words
Frontline: up to 6000 wds
Forum contributions: up to 800 words.
Reviews: up to 1500 words (Noted short reviews: 300 words). Commissioned by the Reviews Editor.

Submissions deadline: June 20, 2015

Forthcoming issues of PJR:

21(1) May 2015: Political journalism in the Asia-Pacific (PJR2014 Vol 1) (editors: Professor David Robie, Professor Barry King, Dr Philip Cass and Professor Wendy Bacon). Conference abstracts deadline: August 31, 2014; Final papers deadline: January 20, 2015.

21(2) October 2015: Documentary practice in the Asia-Pacific (PJR2014 Vol 2)  (editors: Professors Barry King and Annie Goldson (themed), and Professor David Robie (unthemed). Submissions deadline: June 20, 2015.